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The Restorer

We have discovered a monument to "restore" ..... The Colosseum? No Music Verdiana.
A phrase destined to become historic in World Music.
Exactly 127 years after the formal request of the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi to perform their music in "LA 432 Hz." because this, he said, "... .. it's just intonation and natural and that's how I write music.
Well !! and who is the "The Restorer"? Primo Roncole Verdi Festival 2015  who also coined the phrase and made it his slogan. It will be held in Roncole Verdi - Busseto - Parma - Italy.
The promoter and the Artistic Director of the event of the year is the Music Maestro Silvano Frontalini who has to his credit a long managerial career and is a specialist of its Music and Verdi chose the most suitable place to perform the Music as they were written, Roncole Verdi in front of the house where the great composer. 11,12,13 on the evenings of August 2015.
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