Reggae is a music genre originating in Jamaica mainly descending from ska, but developed specifically as a lightweight variant of rocksteady. It also, at least in its classical forms, draws on the popular Jamaican music (chin, calypso) but also influences American R & B and soul music in vogue in the United States at that time.This music is usually juxtaposed with periods and movements come after deflecting and filtering the genre to other roads, completely opposite to those of its origins and circulation of the earliest youth. With the advent of the religious cult rasta, headed by Bob Marley, the first reggae as he died permanently. Marley reggae transformed not only from the musical and rhythmic, but the cult spread like real markedly changing what were the roots well this specific sound. It was with the arrival of roots reggae, that the authenticity of the original sound was gone forever. Originally supported by rude boy and skinhead reggae became a symbol of the religious cult called Jamaican Rastafarianism.


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