Progressive rock, or better said English progressive rock or often simply called progressive music, is a stream of rock music. He was born in England in the late sixties and developed mainly in the seventies.Name, regarded by some inadequate, describes the fact that such is the progression of rock from its blues roots, matrix American, to a higher level of complexity and variety of compositions, melodic, harmonic and stylistic, including through the use of elements from other musical traditions.The progressive aims to give the music an aesthetic purpose, to make a work of art. This is why it is a kind caught, which continually draws classical music and jazz, although generally played with the typical instruments of rock. In many cases, however, the progressive is also used for a wide use of orchestral accompaniments. The term art rock is defined as the tendency, developed by prog and other current assets, turning the rock to fun music and entertainment in music to listen to, giving it an artistic value.Over time, this kind have sometimes taken the style or approach, allowing its branches, the neo-prog, progressive metal and progressive folk, to get to this day.

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